Organic Lawn Care Service

The Organic Turf Company’s Organic Lawn Care Program

Kettering Lawn Care Service

After years of research, trials, and adjustments to our experimental organic-based lawn care program, we have succeeded in developing an organic-based program that, by all accounts, is superior to traditional lawn care programs.  Truth be told, Dayton and Cincinnati Lawn Care Service will never be the same.

Unlike traditional lawn fertilizers that are made in a factory, our organic-based lawn fertilizers come from nature and contain two all-natural sources of organic matter. Because our fertilizers feed your lawn in two ways, your lawn will not have growth spurts after each application and will keep a consistent, deep green color all season. Our organic-based lawn fertilizers are safer for you, the environment, and ultimately produce a much healthier and disease-resistant lawn.

"Not only does a lawn trap and filter dust and dirt from the air, it also can reduce pollution by purifying the water passing through it's root zone."

Some early organic lawn care programs gave organics a bad reputation of being too expensive or ineffective in controlling weeds. As for the pricing, you will be delighted to find our prices in line with, or even less, than what other “traditional” lawn care companies charge. Regarding the weed control; it is true that organic weed control is questionably reliable. However, we do not subscribe to organic weed control. Instead, we believe that through growing a thick, healthy lawn, weeds stand a limited chance of germinating; when they do, we apply only a very small amount of weed control product strictly where and only when it is needed.

If this sounds appealing to you, please or email. If you are in Dayton, please call our North number at 937-667-8873.  If you live in the Cincinnati region, please call our lawn care service South number at 513-330-8873.  We will be happy to discuss any unanswered questions and can often email you a lawn care proposal the same day you call. We look forward to speaking with you and creating a new reality for your piece of the environment!

Please Note: We now provide Mason, OH organic lawn care service!  Do you need lawn service for Beavercreek, Ohio?  We can do that, too!